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V2 - Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

(Certain job titles may be considered out-of-unit based upon their administrative code or department/unit of employment)
Collective Bargaining: Out-of-Unit
Description: Responsible to the President, Provost, Vice President, or other appropriate administrator of a State university. Assists in developing and formulating programs related to the specific function to which assigned. May assist in developing and administering budgets for the functional unit to which assigned. May assist in negotiations involving officials/representatives of business, community, and civic groups to promote the educational, research, and public service objectives and policies of the university. May represent the university on State and national councils and committees on matters related to the overall function of the university, particularly as they affect the State of Florida. May make presentations to internal and external groups of the academic community. May serve as a member of appropriate policy and advisory committees.
Minimum Qualifications: Demonstrated, successful academic or administrative experience consistent with university guidelines. Incumbent may be required to hold faculty rank in- order to be eligible for appointment to this administrative title. If faculty rank is required, must possess qualifications appropriate to the rank to which assigned.