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L1 - Dean of University Libraries

(Certain job titles may be considered out-of-unit based upon their administrative code or department/unit of employment)
Collective Bargaining: Out-of-Unit
Description: Responsible to Provost, Vice President or other appropriate administrator of State university. Responsible for developing and implementing policies and procedures affecting the growth of library collections. Responsible for developing and administering the budget for all major expenditures in the acquisition of library collections and equipment. Responsible for coordinating the recruitment, selection, appointment, evaluation, and training of employees. Responsible for attending state, national, and international professional meetings to learn new techniques and methods in library management and collection development. Serves on appropriate policy and advisory committees.
Minimum Qualifications: Demonstrated, successful academic or administrative experience consistent with university guidelines. Incumbent may be required to hold librarian rank in order to be eligible for appointment to this administrative title. If librarian rank is required, must possess qualifications appropriate to the rank to which assigned.