Living-Learning Communities Application

This site is available Wednesday through Saturday only. Log in at the link below to apply for a Spring 2018 assignment to any of these Living-Learning Communities (LLCs):
  1. Bryan Hall Learning Community
  2. Global and Public Affairs Learning Community
  3. Health Professions Learning Community
  4. Music Living-Learning Community
  5. Nursing Learning Community
You are welcome to apply to more than one LLC and will improve your chances by doing so.

If you are selected as a Spring 2018 alternate for one or more LLCs and you receive an invitation by email or phone, you must accept promptly or forfeit that invitation.

If you're here on a Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, we appreciate your patience while we process new selection decisions for the upcoming week; please return on Wednesday when the site reopens.

Living-Learning Communities Application is closed.

Application login links will appear here when it is open.

Please review the details above and visit the LLC website for more information

If you believe you are receiving this message in error, please contact the
University Housing Office at 850-644-2860.

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